SCOUT – Infinigate Cloud’s AI-powered Azure Optimisation Tool

SCOUT – Infinigate Cloud’s AI-powered Azure Optimisation Tool

May 23, 2024

Businesses can enjoy many advantages by moving their on-premises services to Azure cloud, but they often miss out on the best outcomes because of suboptimal optimisation. There are many ways to improve Azure, but the most important factors to consider are cost, security, and resource management. This creates a distinctive advantage for MSPs who focus on Azure optimisation to stand out from the competition.

Infinigate Cloud has created a tool to make the most out of this opportunity. The tool is known as SCOUT.

SCOUT is an AI-powered platform that has been created to help organisations optimise cost, security and resource management in Azure environments. SCOUT takes cost optimisation to a whole new level with in-depth governance, cost management, admin logs, tagging and cost allocation.

Inform, Optimise and Secure

  • Business Relevant Reporting – SCOUT delivers comprehensive and accurate reports that enable financial operations teams to control cloud usage, produce reliable forecasts and simplify cost distribution.
  • Cloud Economics – AI tagging can be leveraged to align end-user IT billing with business categories. This facilitates financial operations cost control activities by associating resources with business contexts, adapting to their evolving cloud environment.
  • Detailed Recommendations – Use the SCOUT recommendations engine to get practical suggestions for cost optimisation that align with your cost profile goals.
  • Cost Strategies – With the cloud landscape evolving at such a rapid pace, SCOUT will help your customers gain a comprehensive understanding of contractual usage optimisation, sprawl and right-sizing.
  • Zero Trust Alignment – SCOUT has been designed to align with multiple pillars of Zero Trust, including identities, networks and policy optimisation with the ability to track and measure security posture improvements over time.
  • Secure Identities – Use business context, automation and optimal license allocation to enhance the organisation and efficiency of Active Directory and Azure tags. Monitor resource usage and handle staff changes.

SCOUT Benefits

  • Decrease Azure Spend – SCOUT will help a customer save 30% on their yearly Azure costs, on average. This is achieved through AI-powered understanding of usage and expenditure to regain control over cloud resources and their costs. 
  • Clear Azure Billing – SCOUT’s analytics and reporting capabilities can help to identify duplicate functionality and associated costs in your Azure environments. You can use these insights to reduce spending or use these costs to boost the security level. 
  • Follow Best Practices – By asking the right questions about resilience, security, usage optimisation, and cost, you can get the most out of your Azure investment. These best practices will not only reduce costs and improve security but also enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn.
  • Improve Security Posture – SCOUT can identify gaps in security posture without requiring multiple third-party solutions.The AI-powered recommendations will suggest which applications should be replaced and highlight cost savings that can be achieved. SCOUT can also help achieve regulatory compliance and streamline compliance reporting.
How can we help?

With the Infinigate Cloud SCOUT platform, organisations can gain the insights they need to maximise the benefits of their Microsoft 365 and Azure environments. 

A great way to see the benefits of SCOUT is through a free Health Check into your existing Azure environment, which will highlight what the platform has found, and provide cost and security optimisation recommendations.

Contact us today for a free Health Check.