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The UK-based team at HAYNE.cloud has over a decade of experience delivering trusted, reliable, scalable and secure managed cloud solutions supported by the Microsoft Azure platform.  We take a personal approach when working with clients – we learn about your business, your goals and then we make the cloud work for you.  Keeping your IT infrastructure safe, secure and running efficiently is a top priority for us.

We are an extension of your IT team – managing as little or as much as you require, using the globally recognised and trusted Microsoft Azure platform. Using Azure, our experienced and friendly team of consultants and technical experts migrate, manage, maintain and optimise your cloud solutions.

We handle the tech, you get to spend that extra precious time focused on your business.

  • Certified Microsoft Azure Partners
  • 10 Years’ delivering Cloud Hosting
  • Partners with IBM & CCH Tagetik
  • UK-based support & development team
  • 24/7 support available
  • G-Cloud Accredited
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Certified, trained and experienced Gold Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) – we provide managed cloud solutions to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Choose as little, or as much support as your business needs. We flex and grow with you. Whether you need cloud hosting, Ofice 365 install, weekly back-ups, business-critical system support, cloud migration projects, or hybrid environments, we have the proven capabilities to help you leverage the power of Microsoft Azure.

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Managed Cloud Hosting (IaaS)

Experience the power and flexibility of  Cloud hosting, with the support of a certified Microsoft Azure partner.

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Process Automation

Switch up your business to focus on high value tasks with automation.

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Cloud Data Warehousing

Leverage your Azure Data Warehousing capabilities or migrate to the Azure platform.

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Cloud Security Assessments

Leverage HAYNE Solutions’ experience as Microsoft Azure experts and as a Managed Service Provider to assess the security posture of your Azure landscape.

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Security as a Service

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we assess the security and compliance of all your cloud resources.

Managed Cloud hosting services from HAYNE Solutions in Stratford, UK - hayne.cloud



Managed Cloud Services are a range of services delivered by a Managed Services Provider, MSP (such as HAYNE.cloud).

Instead of you working directly with a cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, the MSP works on your behalf and ‘manages’ your cloud infrastructure for you. The MSP ‘manages’ your ‘cloud’. An MSP is essentially the expert middle man, who knows the cloud platform, is trained on the cloud platform and can help you to maximise the cloud platform for your business. So instead of you having to be a cloud expert and know when to upgrade, what products to use, what to back up and when – the MSP does all of this for you.

An MSP acts as an extension of your IT department by managing, monitoring and keeping your cloud infrastructure safe, secure, running and up-to-date. An MSP provides cloud expertise, tools, and processes that most small or medium businesses (SMEs) can’t match on their own.

An MSP level of service varies based on your business structure and requirements. An MSP can be your entire IT department, running your entire cloud infrastructure, essentially becoming your external IT department. Alternatively, they could work with an internal IT specialist/team to deliver extra cloud expertise. Essentially, an MSP brings extra cloud support which means you can focus on your business or your IT specialist/team can focus on innovation, instead of fire-fighting, handling back-ups or administering updates.

Managed Cloud Solutions/services is one of the leading ways SMEs are choosing to run their Cloud IT infrastructure (IaaS), as it ensures high levels of stability and security while reducing the administrative overhead. SMEs are able to have the expertise of an experienced cloud technician, without the high salary cost.

An MSP is the IT department you would build yourself if you had the resources to do it. Very few SMEs have the resources and expertise to create a world-class IT department. This is why managed cloud service providers exist and due to the growth in cloud solutions, it is becoming the defacto choice.

HAYNE.cloud is built on and supported by Microsoft Azure. Providing you with peace of mind that your cloud solutions, big or small, are supported by Microsoft’s huge infrastructure and our Microsoft certified technical experts and technicians. Perfect for SMEs who want the expertise of an IT team, without the overhead.

Read more about HAYNE.cloud managed cloud solutions or read more about why Microsoft Azure is a great platform for SMEs.

Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud platform for Small and Mediums sized business (SMEs). It is used at home, at school and at work and at some point, everyone has used it. It’s globally recognised, trusted and used by all types and sizes of companies and individuals worldwide.

Microsoft Azure is an Integrated Cloud Hosting service that SMEs worldwide are using to build, deploy, and manage various applications through Microsoft’s global network of datacentres. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice.

You can also choose as little or as much as you want to use, making Microsoft Azure a flexible option for all budgets and requirements. You only pay for what you need.

So, it’s no surprise that this is the platform of choice for HAYNE.cloud making it a great choice for SMEs looking for a robust and trusted fully managed cloud solution.

Read more about Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions here or read about HAYNE.cloud managed cloud services.


Managed Cloud hosting services from HAYNE Solutions in Stratford, UK - hayne.cloud


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