In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Two such solutions that have gained significant attention are Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365. These cloud-based virtual desktop solutions have revolutionised the way organisations approach remote work, offering flexibility, scalability, and security like never before.

Sign up to our latest on-demand webinar as we unravel the key differences between Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, two powerhouse solutions redefining the way businesses operate in the modern digital landscape.

You will hear from our Technical Director Chris Dreher, who will guide you through an in-depth analysis, comparing performance, scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. Chris has over 12 years experience in the tech industry and has a wealth of knowledge around both AVD and Windows 365, with a passion for helping organisations thrive.

The agenda covers:

  • Understanding the Features and Benefits of both AVD & Windows 365
  • Comparing Performance and Scalability of AVD and Windows 365
  • Cost Considerations: Pricing Models for AVD and Windows 365
  • Selecting the Right Solution for Your Business Needs: Factors to Consider
  • Making an Informed Decision for Your Virtual Desktop Solution

Whether you’re an IT decision-maker, a business owner, or simply looking to stay ahead in the world of remote work solutions, this webinar is the definitive answer to the question AVD or Windows 365.

Embark on the journey with us to uncover the immense potential offered by both systems.

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