The 2023 Guide to Microsoft 365 Licensing for Business (eBook)

Jun 21, 2023

If you want to utilise Microsoft 365 within your organisation, you’ll need to acquire a license. There is a lot that goes into working out exactly which license you’ll need to obtain for whatever you need, as there are tons of licenses that Microsoft supplies for businesses.

Each one of these licenses is unique and provides different features and restrictions. However, it can be fairly difficult to understand the minute difference between each Microsoft 365 plan. 

However, choosing the wrong option can leave you stranded without an important feature (or indeed, paying extra for features you don’t need). So, depending on your requirements, finding the right license is important to ensure that you get all of the features that your organisation requires.

In this eBook, will go over the different types of Microsoft 365 licenses that you can acquire, and what those licenses are best suited for.

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