Could moving to PAYG Cloud save you money?

Nov 29, 2021

Cloud computing has a number of key benefits, which HAYNE covered in a previous article ‘5 things SME’s gain from leveraging the cloud’. One of those items is Predictive Costs.

Some cloud systems utilise a PAYG (Pay as You Go) model. This means your solution can be scaled and customised on an ad-hoc basis. The PAYG subscription model allows for affordable and predictable costs. The price which you pay will depend on your organisation’s usage.

What does this mean?

A PAYG model means there are no wasted resources. This is because you’re paying for exact utilisation of your virtual cores, memory, storage and security not what you might use.

If your solution/application needs more memory we can scale the server to meet the requirements. But until then you will utilise less meaning a lower running cost. To put it simply, you pay for what you use.

Azure forecasts cost based on your recent usage. Cost can be broken down by individual resources, this allows you to see key areas of spending. If you scale up or out we can predict what impact this will have by using the Cost Analysis service.

Utilise Predictive Costing with

We are a UK-based Microsoft Azure Gold Partner and offer a fully managed cloud hosting solution; which is powered by Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud hosting solution . We maximise your cloud to give you more time to focus on your business. With the use of predictive costing, we can also save your business money over the long term.

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