HAYNE deliver a 30TB Azure Data Migration for Topps

HAYNE has worked with Topps for several years and supported them with their IBM Planning Analytics solution. As a result of our successful partnership, they reached out for further support and assistance in late 2023.

The Issue

Their main issue was separating themselves from an outsource partner who managed the hosting of services in a datacentre location.

Recognising the need for external expertise, Topps engaged HAYNE for support in the migration of their data to Azure.

The  internal data had to be migrated in a short period of time and needed to be moved from a physical site to the cloud.

Shaun Barnes, Project Manager at Topps comments,

“We had eight weeks to get this project proposed, planned, and complete. The consequences of not achieving this would have been severe”.

During the project, limitations were encountered related to the technology, a lack of internal resource for support due to other workstream commitments as well as limited scoping opportunity and a limited timescale. This meant that although there was a clear goal, the challenges that would be faced were unclear.

Shaun continues,

“There was a clear success outcome of replicating the data to Azure. The difficulty was overcoming the challenges, many of which we could never have predicted. HAYNE showed a pragmatic approach and faced these head-on. There was a clear problem, and HAYNE provided the best possible solution”.

The Relationship

Our engagement with Topps differed from previous projects, with a focus on enhancing overall infrastructure.

Shaun comments:

“If you look at it from a global corporate perspective, this project has taken HAYNE from a delivery partner in the UK, which is part of the international business, to being a known partner in the global organisation. The impact had we not completed this project would have been significant, and we were lucky that HAYNE was able to step in. The success of this project gave a great deal of visibility to HAYNE from the Senior Management in the organisation.

Where are we now?

Topps had several hurdles to face and the collaboration with HAYNE helped them overcome these.

Shaun finally comments,

“The way HAYNE approached this project was very refreshing. The attitude shown from the very beginning put me at ease. This has set a benchmark for future projects, both with HAYNE, and other external suppliers.”

We are delighted that we were able to help Topps turn this around so quickly and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.  

If you want to discuss data migration and how we can help, please reach out to us today.