HAYNE utilises M365 feature suite to enable a cloud first approach to device management and security  for Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service (GHES)

GHES approached HAYNE.cloud to help streamline device management and to make the most of the M365 A3 security features across users & devices.

The Issue

As an organisation, they were struggling to keep devices up-to-date, working, and ready for their students. Previously, when a student was finished with a device and returned it, the device would then need to be wiped, reset, and re-configured. This was proving to be very time-consuming for GHES, especially with many of their students learning from home. There was a clear requirement to make the recycling of devices more seamless.
There was also an issue because devices were spread across the Gloucestershire area, and the inventory was manually updated.

Mark Pelling, Teaching & Learning Technologist comments:

“We had two options. Either learn how to improve these issues ourselves, or use someone else who had the experience. We chose to do the latter. HAYNE provided us with the tools during the Intune project”.

The Solution

The device configuration enabled by Microsoft Intune means GHES now has a standard configuration that can be used across any device. They have also benefitted from the configuration and adoption of Defender for Endpoint and Entra Conditional Access, providing a well-rounded cloud first solution.

Following the implementation, we also provided GHES with a tutorial, administrative training and documentation to be used in the future. This was an important aftercare step that will help GHES get the most out of Microsoft Intune.
The standard configuration has been implemented across 20 devices, with a further 40 scheduled to be configured at a later date.

This saves Mark significant time to focus on value-added activities in his role, as previously he would have to manually reset and re-configure devices, creating a lot of work for him as the sole technologist in the organisation.

Mark continues,

“After the project, we sent out a device to a student who only needed it for a short amount of time. When they were finished, it was a much simpler process of collecting it, resetting it, and sending it off to the next student. Previously, there would have been a lot more time spent preparing the device beforehand”.

The Outcome

GHES has been able to modernise its device management & security through the project with HAYNE.cloud. They are now able to implement device recycling much more effectively, allowing for quick collection, reset, and redistribution to the next student. The streamlined process now allows Mark and GHES to focus more on core responsibilities, minimising the time spent on technical issues.

Mark expressed gratitude for our team effort, finally commenting:

“HAYNE did a great job, providing clear communication throughout, and providing documentation afterwards that will be of great help moving forward.”

The implementation of Microsoft 365 services has proved instrumental in standardising device management, security and optimising the learning environment for GHES students.

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