How vulnerable are you?

Qualys and Microsoft have powerful tools and technologies for managing vulnerabilities that provide risk-based vulnerability management for all your most essential assets in a single solution.

At, we specialise in helping organisations implement and manage effective vulnerability management programmes using Qualys and Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have a lot of experience integrating and making the most of these tools to improve our clients’ overall security. 

Benefits of Vulnerability Management with Qualys and Microsoft: 

  • Comprehensive asset visibility and inventory for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and network devices 
  • Intelligent assessments leveraging Microsoft threat intelligence, breach likelihood predictions, business contexts, and devices assessments 
  • Real-time vulnerability and configuration assessment tools for assessing your cyber exposure 
  • Risk-based intelligent prioritisation that dynamically aligns the prioritisation of security recommendations with vulnerabilities currently being exploited in the wild and emerging threats that pose the highest risk 
  • Built-in remediation tools with workflows for security and IT teams to collaborate and seamlessly remediate issues 

Features of Vulnerability Management with Qualys and Microsoft: 

  • Asset discovery and inventory: Continuous monitoring and detection of risk in your organisation, with a real-time consolidated view of your organisation’s software applications, digital certificates, network shares, and browser extensions 
  • Vulnerability and configuration assessment: Advanced tools for assessing your organisation’s cyber exposure, including security baseline assessment, software and vulnerability view, network share assessment, threat analytics and event timelines, browser extensions, and digital certificate inventory 
  • Risk-based intelligent prioritisation: Leverage Microsoft’s threat intelligence to quickly prioritise the most significant vulnerabilities in your organisation, with a single view of prioritised recommendations from multiple security feeds and critical details, including related CVEs and exposed devices 
  • Built-in remediation and tracking: Enable security administrators and IT administrators to collaborate and seamlessly remediate issues with built-in workflows 

Integration with Other Qualys and Microsoft Products: 

  • Qualys Cloud Platform: The Qualys Cloud Platform provides a single, integrated view of your organisation’s security and compliance posture, enabling you to identify, prioritise critical vulnerabilities, and manage your risk effectively 
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Qualys integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, providing real-time visibility into your organisation’s security posture and enabling you to identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities quickly and effectively 
  • Microsoft Azure: Qualys integrates with Microsoft Azure to provide comprehensive cloud security and compliance, enabling you to manage your organisation’s risk across cloud and hybrid environments 

The value of using a Microsoft Gold Partner like 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, has extensive experience working with Microsoft technologies and integrating them with other solutions to provide comprehensive security and compliance for our clients. We have the expertise to help you implement and manage an effective vulnerability management programme using Qualys and Microsoft tools. We can provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure your organisation remains secure and compliant. 

In conclusion, vulnerability management is a critical aspect of any organisation’s security programme, and Qualys and Microsoft offer powerful tools and technologies for managing your organisation’s risk effectively.  

By working with a Microsoft Gold Partner like, you can ensure that you are leveraging these tools to their fullest potential and that your organisation is secure and compliant.  

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you use Qualys and Microsoft technologies to set up and run a good vulnerability management programme. 

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