The Ultimate Solution for Unified Data Governance and Compliance 

Purview lets you see all of your data sources, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. This makes it easier to manage your organisation’s data assets. With Microsoft Purview, businesses can protect their data, keep track of risks, and improve their compliance posture.

Key Benefits: 

  • Get visibility into all your data 
  • Protect sensitive data wherever it lives 
  • Identify data risks and manage regulatory requirements 
  • Discover, identify, classify, and protect sensitive data 
  • Detect, investigate, and act on critical risks in your organisation 


  • Communication Compliance: Detect sensitive or inappropriate content shared across your organisation’s communication channels. 
  • Compliance Manager: Reduce risk by translating complex regulatory requirements into specific improvement actions that help raise your score and track progress. 
  • Data Lifecycle Management: Classify and govern data at scale to meet your legal, business, privacy, and regulatory content obligations. 
  • Data Loss Prevention: Automatically protect sensitive information from risky and unauthorised access across apps, services, endpoints, and on-premises files. 
  • Data Map and Data Catalogue: Create a unified map to automate and manage metadata from hybrid sources. Make data easily discoverable and understand the origin of your data with interactive data lineage visualisation. 
  • eDiscovery: Discover and manage your data in-place with end-to-end workflows for internal or legal investigations. 
  • Information Protection: Discover, identify, classify, and protect sensitive data that is business critical, then manage and protect it across your environment. 
  • Insider Risk Management: Detect, investigate, and take action on critical risks in your organisation, including data theft, data leaks, and security policy violations. 

Integration with other Microsoft Products: 

  • Azure Purview is now Microsoft Purview, bringing together trusted products for governance and compliance under one umbrella, so it’s easier to manage all your data. 

A Microsoft Gold Partner, such as, can assist you in realising the full potential of Microsoft Purview. provides end-to-end solutions for data governance, including data management, automation, and analytics. By partnering with, you can access a team of certified professionals who will help you implement and maintain your data governance solution, ensuring that you are leveraging the full potential of Microsoft Purview. 

Microsoft Purview is a powerful data governance and compliance solution that helps organisations manage their data securely, ensuring compliance with regulations and avoiding costly penalties. With its comprehensive solutions for information protection, data governance, risk management, and compliance, Microsoft Purview can help your organisation safeguard all data sources and manage risk while improving compliance posture. A Microsoft Gold Partner like can help you take full advantage of Microsoft Purview, providing end-to-end solutions for data governance, including data management, automation, and analytics. 

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