What is Microsoft Defender?

Microsoft Defender tries to protect you from harmful cyber threats by giving you ways to stop them, find them, and deal with them.

At HAYNE.cloud, we recognise the importance of integrated security solutions in protecting against evolving cyber threats. We offer Microsoft Defender products to help our customers stay ahead of threat actors. 

Our services include Microsoft Defender for Enterprise, Business, and Individuals, which protects endpoints in an affordable and easy way. We also have Microsoft Defender for Cloud, which helps you find weak spots in your cloud configuration, improve the overall security of your environment, and keep your workloads safe from new threats in multi-cloud and hybrid environments. 

We understand that endpoint protection is only one part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. We offer Microsoft 365 Defender, which helps prevent and find attacks across your identities, endpoints, apps, email, data, and cloud apps with extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities. 

HAYNE.cloud is proud to be a Microsoft partner and offers our customers access to the latest and most innovative security solutions. Our team of security experts includes CISSP-trained consultants, and we are Cyber Essentials certified, ensuring that we have the necessary expertise to provide our customers with the best possible cybersecurity solutions. 

 In addition to Microsoft Defender, we offer other security solutions, including Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Entra, Microsoft Purview, and Microsoft Priva, as well as security as a Service (SECaaS), Vulnerability Assessment, and Security Posture Assessment. We also offer Qualys as part of our vulnerability assessment services. 

Contact us to find out more about how HAYNE.cloud and Microsoft Defender can help protect your business from cyber threats that are constantly changing. 

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