What is Azure VMWare Solution?

With AVS, customers can move their VMware-based workloads from their on-premises datacentres to Azure without any problems. They can also keep using the VMware tools they already know to manage their current environments. This lets customers add Azure native services to their apps while keeping their VMware infrastructure investments.

HAYNE.cloud’s implementation of AVS provides customers with several benefits, including: 

  • High-performance, dedicated cloud infrastructure: AVS runs on Azure’s dedicated bare-metal infrastructure, providing customers with high-performance computing and storage resources for their VMware workloads. 
  • Simplified management and monitoring: Customers can use the same VMware tools they are familiar with to manage their AVS environment, which reduces the learning curve and the time it takes to become productive in the cloud. Customers can also use Azure’s monitoring and management tools to gain insights into their AVS environment and optimize their workloads. 
  • Seamless integration with Azure services: Customers can easily integrate their VMware environment with Azure services, such as Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup, to enable disaster recovery, backup, and other business continuity capabilities. 
  • Enhanced security and compliance: AVS is built on Azure’s trusted cloud platform and provides customers with enterprise-grade security and compliance features, including data encryption at rest and in transit, role-based access control, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. 
  • Cost savings: With AVS, customers can take advantage of Azure’s consumption-based pricing model, which allows them to pay only for the resources they use. With Azure Hybrid Benefit, customers can also save on licensing costs by using their existing VMware licenses in the cloud. 

HAYNE.cloud’s implementation of the Azure VMware Solution (AVS) enables customers to easily extend their VMware workloads to Azure, take advantage of Azure’s native services, and achieve cost savings while continuing to use the VMware tools they are familiar with. With AVS, customers can make their IT infrastructures more agile and flexible while making them easier to manage and cheaper.