IT infrastructure

The backbone of any cloud environment, and at, we provide a range of Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions that enable you to optimise your environment for performance, scalability, and reliability.


Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based remote desktop solution that enables:

  • Secure remote work for employees.
  • Access to legacy Windows applications on any device.
  • Delivery of virtualised apps and desktops to distributed workforce.

Azure Arc

Azure Arc solution is a hybrid and multi-cloud management platform with a single pane view.

  • Allows for deployment and management of applications and resources in on-premise, multi-cloud, and edge environments.
  • Facilitates IT environment management, cost optimisation, compliance enforcement, agility, and responsiveness.

Azure VMWare Solution

Azure VMWare Solution provides an infrastructure to move VMware workloads from on-premises to the cloud.

  • It allows users to leverage existing skills, tools, and processes familiar from VMware.
  • Use cases include seamless migration of workloads, improved scalability and performance of applications, and reduced cost associated with on-premises infrastructure.

Windows Server on Azure

Our Windows Server on Azure provides a cloud-based infrastructure to run Windows workloads.

  • It enables scalability, elasticity and cost optimisation while maintaining the same Windows environment.
  • Use cases include providing backups and high availability for applications, as well as reducing costs associated with on-premises infrastructure management.

Linux on Azure

The Linux on Azure solution provides a secure and flexible cloud-based infrastructure to run Linux workloads.

  • It supports various Linux distributions and applications and can be integrated with other Azure services.
  • It enables highly available and scalable Linux applications, cost optimisation, compliance, and improved agility for organisations.

SQL Server on Azure

Our SQL Server on Azure solution is a cloud-based service that allows organisations to move their SQL Server workloads to the cloud.

  • It offers high availability, scalability, security, and compliance options.
  • Use cases include: cost optimisation, improved application performance and scalability, and reduced on-premises infrastructure costs.

What is IT Infrastructure?

In today’s digital age, IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the functioning of businesses, organisations, and even our daily lives.

IT infrastructure, short for Information Technology infrastructure, refers to the interconnected hardware, software, networks, data centers, and facilities that enable the management, storage, processing, and delivery of information and services within an organisation or across multiple organisations.

Traditionally these services were installed on physical servers either in a computer room on a company’s premises or in a data center where the physical resources were shared by a small number of customers. The next stage in the evolution of infrastructure cost sharing is to move these to the Cloud where the physical infrastructure is managed on behalf of 000,s of companies.

Here are some of the services we offer:



Hosting your applications and key business data.


Large storage devices for data.


Applications your business needs to run effectively.


Switches, Firewalls, keeping things connected.


Vital to your infrastructure to protect from disaster.
backup power


Keeping things online, often with battery backup in the form of a UPS device.


From Anti-virus through to Access Control Settings, keeping things secure.


Infrastructure needs to be kept in good conditions.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment service helps you decide if cloud migration is the right choice for your business.

With expert guidance, our offering evaluates key components of your IT environment to deliver a tailored plan and help achieve cost optimisation, scalability, and performance benefits with reduced expenses related to on-premises infrastructure.

Real results stand as proof: businesses just like yours have already enjoyed success thanks to this forward-thinking approach!

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Technologies & Tools We Work With

As a certified Microsoft Partner, brings the expertise to implement and manage these solutions effectively. Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to helping you build a cloud first infrastructure solution that is both advanced and secure.

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Modern Workplace FAQs

Is cloud computing part of IT Infrastructure?

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Yes, cloud computing is an increasingly important part of modern IT Infrastructure, offering scalable and flexible storage and computing power.

How does Azure IaaS fit into my existing IT Infrastructure?

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Azure IaaS seamlessly integrates with your existing IT components, allowing you to move servers, storage, and other elements to the cloud.

How do backups work in Azure?

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Azure provides built-in backup solutions that offer secure and scalable options for data recovery and business continuity.

Is Azure secure?

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Yes, Azure offers robust security features including firewalls, encryption, and identity management to protect your cloud-based infrastructure.

How do I start my migration to Azure?

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The first step is usually an assessment of your current IT infrastructure, followed by a migration plan, often facilitated by Azure migration tools or specialized service providers.

What are the 3 main areas of IT infrastructure?


Hardware and Servers

This includes the physical devices such as computers, servers, networking switches, and data centres that provide the computing power and storage capacity for an organisation.



This encompasses the technology and protocols that allow for communication between hardware, including routers, switches, and firewalls. It ensures data can be moved securely and efficiently across an organisation.


Software and Services

This area includes the operating systems, applications, and cloud services that enable various business processes.

Are these services covered within your managed IT services?

Yes, absolutely. We offer full end to end management of your infrastructure as required.

Can HAYNE support on common infrastructure security issues?

With we have Microsoft accredited expert engineers who can quickly diagnose and resolve infrastructure issues.

What our clients say about us

HAYNE was able to untangle a web we had built up over many years. The project itself had a number of complications initially which HAYNE helped us overcome.

Morgan Sindall

We enjoyed working with HAYNE throughout this implementation process. The calibre and experience of their consultants ensured the project went live on time and within budget.