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WEBCAST: The Benefit of Choosing a Managed Service Provider

Security threats to business are more prevalent than ever. This is due to an increase in cyber attacks driven from a move towards remote working. In our latest webcast, we explore the emerging threats and how a Managed Service Provider like can help reduce risk and improve security.

The full contents of this webcast are the following:

  • How is the emerging threat landscape impacting businesses?
  • What are the most prevalent risks facing Azure customers?
  • What are the typical security mistakes Azure administrators make?
  • Is the skills gap the root cause of increased risk?
  • Where do managed service providers like fit in?

Your presenters during the session are:

How we can help

As an organisation HAYNE have always followed the concept of security in-depth and continue to adapt to an ever-changing security landscape by incorporating fundamental principles such as the rule of least privilege, role-based access controls and and assume breach, the latest being that of zero trust.

HAYNE are registered with the NCSC early warning service and continually research the latest security trends, emerging threats and new approaches to managing security, in order to bring greater awareness to the business as a whole.

As a Cloud Solution provider and managed service provider, security is of even greater importance, as HAYNE not only has a duty of care to our own business but also that of all our customers.

One of the reasons HAYNE adopted Microsoft Azure as the platform of choice for customers, was the rapid rate of development and specifically the significant investment in security with the resultant introduction of new capabilities and services to improve the security posture.

New security capabilities are routinely introduced onto the Microsoft Azure platform, as a value-add Microsoft partner HAYNE seek to implement many of these for customers as part of ongoing development, thereby either improving the overall security posture or the security optics and proving greater insight into security related events, which in turn allow HAYNE to respond more quickly to emerging threats.

Although the world is in a period of increased global cyber risk, there is no need for businesses to panic. It is most important that all businesses implement the basic cybersecurity hygiene controls recommended by the NCSC.

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