Managed Cloud Services are a range of services delivered by a Managed Services Provider, MSP (such as

Instead of you working directly with a cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, the MSP works on your behalf and ‘manages’ your cloud infrastructure for you. The MSP ‘manages’ your ‘cloud’. An MSP is essentially the expert middle man, who knows the cloud platform, is trained on the cloud platform and can help you to maximise the cloud platform for your business. So instead of you having to be a cloud expert and know when to upgrade, what products to use, what to back up and when – the MSP does all of this for you.

An MSP acts as an extension of your IT department by managing, monitoring and keeping your cloud infrastructure safe, secure, running and up-to-date. An MSP provides cloud expertise, tools, and processes that most small or medium businesses (SMEs) can’t match on their own.

An MSP level of service varies based on your business structure and requirements. An MSP can be your entire IT department, running your entire cloud infrastructure, essentially becoming your external IT department. Alternatively, they could work with an internal IT specialist/team to deliver extra cloud expertise. Essentially, an MSP brings extra cloud support which means you can focus on your business or your IT specialist/team can focus on innovation, instead of fire-fighting, handling back-ups or administering updates.

Managed Cloud Solutions/services is one of the leading ways SMEs are choosing to run their Cloud IT infrastructure (IaaS), as it ensures high levels of stability and security while reducing the administrative overhead. SMEs are able to have the expertise of an experienced cloud technician, without the high salary cost.

An MSP is the IT department you would build yourself if you had the resources to do it. Very few SMEs have the resources and expertise to create a world-class IT department. This is why managed cloud service providers exist and due to the growth in cloud solutions, it is becoming the defacto choice.