Cloud Security Assessment

Keep your business safe

Leverage HAYNE Solutions’ experience as Microsoft Azure experts and as a Managed Service Provider to assess the security posture of your Azure landscape. Identify risks, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations that could be exposing your environment.

By undertaking a HAYNE Cloud Security Assessment, you can be confident of passing security audits with ease, and that you are protecting your organisation’s systems.

Enhance the compliance of your systems and ensure they are configured for optimum security. 

How do we help?

HAYNE work with Azure customers, helping them to protect against an ever-changing and evolving threat landscape by adopting security best practices and ensuring the correct implementation of Azure native security capabilities.

We are a Cloud partner working to understand your specific requirements.

We provide advice on what is right for you, not what is right for us, that’s why we enjoy long standing relationships with our customers. 

A relationship with a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner gives you the trust that we can deliver the very best solutions, using the very best technology. HAYNE works with you in an advisory capacity and helps to take the correct action to reduce system vulnerabilities. Assessments can focus on several areas including security posture, access control, network security, storage security, and review implementation of existing security capabilities.

Microsoft will invest in Security in the next 5 years
Between infiltration and detection
Global jobs open in Cybersecurity
Leavers take sensitive data with them
Azure Usage following the breach from a sudden spin up of resources for crypto mining involving high performance VM’s and Scale Sets
Password-based attacks protected by MFA

Benefits of having a Cloud Security Assessment


Bridge the skills gap by leveraging our cloud security experts

Detect Risk

Detect critical issues, security risks, and potential cyber threats


We provide recommendations for improving the security posture


Ensuring full utilisation of existing capabilities

Simplify Compliance

Delivering rich, actionable and insightful reports to simplify compliance

“I am happy with everyone I have dealt with from the team at HAYNE.”

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Managed Cloud hosting services from HAYNE Solutions in Stratford, UK -

Security Assessment Options

This is the starting point, but there are bespoke options available

Security Assessment Options from HAYNE Solutions
Managed Cloud hosting services from HAYNE Solutions in Stratford, UK -

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Our cloud security experts keep your business secure, even as technology evolves. are microsoft gold partners
HAYNE Solutions are cyber essentials certified are microsoft azure partners

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  • Leading UK Consultancy
  • Cloud expertise
  • Critical business system expertise
  • Supporting you through growth
  • Friendly UK support team
  • One point of contact
  • Azure certified experts
  • 24/7 support option
  • Gold Microsoft partner
  • G-Cloud certified
  • Certified technicians
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