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What is a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

It’s an evaluation of your organisation’s physical and virtual servers to determine if they are ready for migration to the Cloud. The assessment aims to empower you with commercial and technical insights about your IT server estate.

Why do I need a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

  • To determine if your infrastructure and applications are suitable for migration to the Cloud
  • To highlight potential issues during the migration
  • To ensure that your organisation is taking advantage of all the benefits that the cloud has to offer, such as scalability, flexibility and potential cost savings
  • To establish a baseline of the current IT environment

What is included in a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

  1. Server Migration Readiness Assessment
  2. Right-sizing of Azure servers based on performance metrics
  3. Provides budgetary cost, based on sizing outputs
  4. Provides a budgetary migration cost
  5. AppScore Kickstarter report
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